Hello everyone! I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I currently attend Southwest Minnesota State University. There I am majoring in early and elementary education with a special education minor.
This summer I am working as a nanny and at Famous Footwear! In my free time I hang out with my family and friends! I love to watch movies ,go shopping , and go swimming!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your nanny job sounds like it keeps you on your toes! I haven’t been to Wild Water West in years, but it makes me want to come back! Make sure to enjoy lots of activities with the kids outside while it’s nice. There are a lot of nice parks around that area to visit too! Maybe some backyard games and water activities could be another idea to entertain them with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Sioux Falls. The town has so much to offer both in entertainment, dining, and business. I lived there when I went to Augustana College and really enjoyed the town. If you get the chance, stop over to the butterfly gardens and the aquarium near Sartoma Park. Also the bike trail around town would be a great thing to do with the kids. If you’re from Sioux Falls you may already know all this, but there are endless possibilities for summer fun while nannying there. Another idea would be to go to the Pallisades Park and do some hiking. I went last year and had a blast there. Sounds like Wild Water West went really well. I hope nannying continues to go well and you have a great summer. I can’t wait to hear more about what you are up to.

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