Finishing Up the Weekend

Friday was a wonderful day because I only had to work a half-day.  The kids and I watched a few movies and then their father came home.  Once finished with the kids, I headed home myself.  After getting home I started laundry to help out around the house.  While waiting for my mom to get home, I watched a movie and took a nap.  Once she got home we decided that we would go to a movie.  We ended up going to The Heat.  I was so funny, but it did swear a lot.  Since we went to a later movie by the time we got out of the theater it was late so we headed home.  Saturday was a relaxing day.  Mom and I went to the mall for a little girl time.  After finishing up there we went out to the shop.  We worked a little bit and my brother and mom got their windshields fixed because the had minor cracks.  Mom and I finished up at the shop and headed home.  While waiting for they rest of my family to get home we made some super.  After everyone was finally home we ate and had a bon fire.  It was such a great night to have one. We all ended the night roasting marshmallows and telling stories.  Sunday was another relaxing day as we all slept in and watched movies.  The first movie we watched was Despicable Me, which is one of my personal favorite movies.  Second movie we watched was The Call.  Overall this has been a very fun and relaxing weekend.

The fire from Saturday Night

The fire from Saturday Night


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