So Far This Week

Starting Monday I worked with the kids. The boy was having many tantrums. This caused some problems with going out to Wild Water West. We ended up watching tv shows and playing games. Tuesday was way better with the kids. We ended up staying home another day because the kids did not want to go anywhere. During the day we watched a few movies and played some more inside games. Since we’re close enough to walk to the park that’s what we did. Once there the kids met some new friends to play with. As we were heading back it started to sprinkle so we had to run a little. Wednesday was a fun day because the kids had friends coming over that night. They did not want to go to Wild Water West so we hung out at home. Since it was nice out I tried getting the kids to play outside as much as possible. First we jumped on the trampoline then we got a water toy out and played with that. It was extremely fun. The kids enjoy playing with water and role playing. Since Thursday was a holiday I did not have to work with the kids, but I did have to work at Famous Footwear. It was surprisingly not busy. Many people just came around to look rather than to buy. It was a long day there because it was so slow. That night I ended up shooting off fireworks with my cousins and watching a movie with my parents.


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