My week in Las Vegas

Monday was a busy day as I was getting ready to leave for Las Vegas. I waited until the day I left to pack and, I don’t know if that was such a good idea. I was rushing around my house figuring out what I’d be doing and what I would be wearing when I was there. Around 7 my friends and I headed to the airport. I flight ended up leaving at 930 and we arrived to Las Vegas at 1045 there time. Since there was a 2 hour difference I was exhausted. In Tuesday I woke up early so that I could get to the pool and tan! My friends and I were at the pool most of the day until we decided it was time for a nap. After napping we got ready and headed out to get tickets to our show. Once we finally got the tickets we ate at the restaurant called Dicks Resort. We all finished eating and headed to the show and then to bed after that. Wednesday was another day full if tanning. It was extremely hot and it wasn’t a humid heat it was a dry heat. After getting enough sun we decided to get ready and go to a museum and shopping. At the museum it was full of wax figures. Finally finishing up there we went to the miracle mile shops. We spent most of the evening there until we went to watch the water show. Thursday was our departure day. Our flight wasn’t until 345 but our check out was at 11. So since we had time to waste we went shopping at the Fashion Show Mall. We waited there until it was time to go to the airport. Finally we boarded the plane late at 415. We made it back home finally at 9! It was the best trip I’ve had so far.





A Busy Week

This last week seemed like one of the craziest weeks ever.  It could have been because I was excited for the coming week, but who knows.  On Monday I took the kids I nanny to the dentist. Luckily it wasn’t to far of a drive into town.  Later that day we ended up going to the library in Sioux Falls.  Tuesday I wanted to try something new, so after we finished breakfast it was time for the kids to read.  Since the youngest can’t read yet I read to him and made sure he understood what was happening in the book.  We read for about 30 minutes, which I thought went really well.  In the afternoon we ended up playing outside on their trampoline.  Wednesday started off without watching any television. So after we had finished up playing outside we came in to read.  I did another 30 minutes this time before we had lunch.  Once they were finished they were told that they needed to work on math. After we finished lunch we decided to head out to the pool.  Wednesday we did the same thing with reading for 30 minutes and math afterwards.  After lunch it was time to go to the pool.  Thursday and Friday we did the same routine.  I am going to try to get the kids in routine with reading and practicing math.  I believe that this will help them get prepared for school.  

What To Do…

This coming week I will be going to Las Vegas! I am so excited to get away from my every day routine! But while I’m there I really want to get a tattoo. I realize that it’s going to hurt and I don’t know what I want. I have a few ideas floating around but I just haven’t found something that I have my mind set on. I kind of want the tattoo to have meaning, but I’m not sure what I can get that has a lot if meaning to me right now. Another problem I’m having is deciding where to put the tattoo. I was think for placement I would put a small one behind my ear, on the side of my stomach, the top if my foot or above the heel on my foot. I am also curious as to how badly a tattoo will hurt. I hear many different things. I believe that it depends on a persons pain tolerance as to how badly it hurts. Something that scares me is that I will have a picture of what I want but the artist will not make it to my liking. I know that the artist will draw a sketch and follow that. I hope that someone can give an insight for some of my questions. 🙂


An idea of a tattoo that I liked


I like this idea as well.

Finishing Up the Weekend

Friday was a wonderful day because I only had to work a half-day.  The kids and I watched a few movies and then their father came home.  Once finished with the kids, I headed home myself.  After getting home I started laundry to help out around the house.  While waiting for my mom to get home, I watched a movie and took a nap.  Once she got home we decided that we would go to a movie.  We ended up going to The Heat.  I was so funny, but it did swear a lot.  Since we went to a later movie by the time we got out of the theater it was late so we headed home.  Saturday was a relaxing day.  Mom and I went to the mall for a little girl time.  After finishing up there we went out to the shop.  We worked a little bit and my brother and mom got their windshields fixed because the had minor cracks.  Mom and I finished up at the shop and headed home.  While waiting for they rest of my family to get home we made some super.  After everyone was finally home we ate and had a bon fire.  It was such a great night to have one. We all ended the night roasting marshmallows and telling stories.  Sunday was another relaxing day as we all slept in and watched movies.  The first movie we watched was Despicable Me, which is one of my personal favorite movies.  Second movie we watched was The Call.  Overall this has been a very fun and relaxing weekend.

The fire from Saturday Night

The fire from Saturday Night

So Far This Week

Starting Monday I worked with the kids. The boy was having many tantrums. This caused some problems with going out to Wild Water West. We ended up watching tv shows and playing games. Tuesday was way better with the kids. We ended up staying home another day because the kids did not want to go anywhere. During the day we watched a few movies and played some more inside games. Since we’re close enough to walk to the park that’s what we did. Once there the kids met some new friends to play with. As we were heading back it started to sprinkle so we had to run a little. Wednesday was a fun day because the kids had friends coming over that night. They did not want to go to Wild Water West so we hung out at home. Since it was nice out I tried getting the kids to play outside as much as possible. First we jumped on the trampoline then we got a water toy out and played with that. It was extremely fun. The kids enjoy playing with water and role playing. Since Thursday was a holiday I did not have to work with the kids, but I did have to work at Famous Footwear. It was surprisingly not busy. Many people just came around to look rather than to buy. It was a long day there because it was so slow. That night I ended up shooting off fireworks with my cousins and watching a movie with my parents.

The Weekend

This weekend went by way to fast.  But I had so much fun with my friends.  On Friday I headed out to Marshall Minnesota to pick up Ashly.  After I picked her up we started our journey to Willmar Minnesota.  Since either one of us had eaten we decided to go to Qdoba. One of my favorite places to eat! Finishing up there we headed out to Jena’s place.  There we all decided that we should have a bon fire.  It was short lived because Ashly and I were extremely tired. We went to bed to rise early that next morning.  We ate some breakfast and it was then time to go boating.  First time around we just tanned, second time we ended up tubing and had lots of fun.  We decided that it was time to head into town and go shopping! Once we finished up shopping we got ready to go out for the night.  First though we had to eat dinner.  So we went to the Green Mill in Willmar.  After dinner we headed out to Zorbaz.  Ashly and I had never been there before, but it was a fun experience.  It was time to head home the next day and we all had such a wonderful time.  I would not change anything about the weekend with my girls.  I cant wait to see them again very soon. 🙂

All of us at Zorbaz