28, June 2013
This summer is filled with many fun and exciting things. So far I have finished two of my summer classes and am expecting to finish my last one in July. This year I will be graduating in May 2014. Then in the fall of 2014 I will be student teaching somewhere around Marshall,MN.
Currently I am nanning two children, one girl who is 8 years old and one boy who is 5 years old. So far they have been a joy to watch and hang out with. Besides working with the children I work at famous footwear. This will be my second year with this company.
Today the children and I went to wild water west which is in Sioux Falls. There we met up with another family who is good friends with the 8 year old girl. Wild water west consist of many different types of obstacles. The children’s favorite is the lazy river. My favorite is the wave pool and the lazy river. While there we ate lunch and around the lazy river many times.
As I continue to nanny I find it hard to create new meal ideas. So I was wondering what kind of food ideas kids would like that are simple to make? Something else that I find hard is crafts or fun activities for the kids. We have only done a paper for Father’s Day. Currently the kids love to watch a lot of television so I am trying to limit this by going to the pool. Another thing I was wondering is what kind of applications on iPod or iPad will help the 5 year old to learn letter sounds, spelling simple words, and simple reading.



Pictures from Wild Water West.


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Arielle, It sure sounds like you a keeping yourself pretty busy this summer, with work and summer classes. I was a nanny one year and I loved it. The kids are such joys to be around and they are very energetic. When I was a nanny they liked eating pizza, mac and cheese, hamburger helper, spaghetti, and we also did a lot of grilling if that is possible I would go for that, and make some burgers or hot dogs on the grill. The pictures of the Wild Water West sure sounds like a great time for the kids to get outside and have some fun! : ) I would try and spend as much time outside with them as possible because having kids play outside and playing gets them to be more active rather than having them sit inside and watch TV all day. I hope the rest of your summer goes well with the two kids!

  2. Arielle, sounds like a fun and busy family you nanny for. Summer can be difficult when it comes to finding lunches to serve kids. I am home with my kids in the summer and I dread feeding them. It is so hard to think of new and interesting things for them to eat. Things I have tried is hot ham and cheese tortillas, fish sticks, chicken tenders on the grill, homemade pizzas (pillsbury biscuits pressed into small personal pizzas and then the kids can put what ever on it), and then have them make up a menu with you. It totally helps and then you don’t have to think of things on the spot. Hope these help!

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